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Request for Powerarc

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Hello. If anyone is looking for suggestions. I am looking for a power arc lighting pack for some modeling I do for private communities and if needed will help with what I can. I am not the best and am unaware of how to make this lights let alone make them move and work as realistic as possible. If anyone out there can help please do. You can PM me or make it public. Thank you for your time; Aircorp. 


For reference:

Website -  http://www.powerarc.net/Default2.aspx

Volt (Light bar) - http://www.powerarc.net/ProductInfo.aspx?id=1

P14 (90% Pulsing light) - http://www.powerarc.net/ProductInfo.aspx?id=4

M90 (Moving light) - http://www.powerarc.net/ProductInfo.aspx?id=3

MP13 (Moving & Pulsing light) - http://www.powerarc.net/ProductInfo.aspx?id=5

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