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LSPDFR Crashing when performing a Traffic Stop

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Hello, my LSPDFR is always crashing as soon as I stop a vehicle and want to interact with the driver, i dont know what the problem is.... maybe someone has an idea?


I´ll provide the Crash log.



Thanks for your help in advance 😄

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[24.10.2018 12:33:29.221] LSPD First Response: bei SearchWarrant.API.Search.PutItemsInCar(Vehicle v)
[24.10.2018 12:33:29.221] bei SearchWarrantWrapper.PutItemsInCar(Vehicle v)
[24.10.2018 12:33:29.221] bei Interaction_.Menu.GetSuspectData(Ped cPed, Boolean driver)
[24.10.2018 12:33:29.221] bei Interaction_.Menu.<>c__DisplayClass111_0.<TStopObserve>b__0()


Do you have DarkAPI installed correctly? See the instructions on the mod page: https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/20320-interaction-field-sobriety-test-evidence-handling-field-test-kits/

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