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RPH isn't properly launching

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Hi all,


Anytime I'd start RPH, the icon in my taskbar would appear for a few seconds, and then it would disappear as if I terminated it. The only AV I have is Windows Defender, and the GTA folder is added to its exceptions list. There are rare occurrences in which it'd fully launch, but without me changing anything. I do have the updated RPH. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it greatly! I have already tried the RPH Discord, though anybody who tried to help are just as puzzled as I am. This is a new laptop, so I can't say if it worked with any past versions, and yes I did download all of the requirements.


Found my solution: Go into exploit protection in windows security, add the program and select the "Disable extension points" override

Just got bored and started looking around, and stumbled upon that.

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Found solution

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