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Computer+ and Interaction+ crashing my game

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Good day to all readers of this topic

First of all I wanna say MANY THANKS to the developers of this modification and to all developers of add-ons

You are doing an amazing job that gives to this game a "second life"



And now about my problems.

I downloaded and installed addons called Computer+  and Interaction+  long time ago. They worked fine until the latest updates. 

I think that it should be noted that these two problems are not related to each other. I just thought that it would be wrong to create two different topics due to a lonely problem.


Problem number ONE [Computer +]

The interface of this modification began to work incorrectly.
1. The picture flashes;
2. At any moment, when you press any button (ped database, vehicle database, arrest record etc.), game crashes.

3. There were strange inscriptions in some lines like 




Date of birth like


òü 09/08/1997


BTW the same inscriptions I saw in console at very beginning of the line before the date. This is because the system language of my OS is Russian?



Problem number TWO [Interaction +]

This modification unexpectedly stopped working at all. With any attempt to run LSPDFR when Interaction+  inside LSPFDR plugin folder - LSPDFR crashes.

The reason is the latest update of the game, can be?


P.S: I live in Russia, I have some difficulties with the grammatical part of the English language. So I use a translator. I really hope that you understand my meaning.



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I am having similar issues. When I open Computer+, it works normally until I try to do just about anything in the plugin.


I then get a "failed to initialize" error and the game crashes to my desktop.


I don't use Interaction+

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On 10/28/2018 at 1:31 PM, UnknownBastion said:

Could you check to see when the mod was updated last? If it was last updated prior to the newest patch, it might be out of date and could be causing your game to crash.

Done. Many thanks. My mistake. Fixed now.

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