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Creating custom strobe lights on custom objects

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Hello there 🙂

I'm searching for a way to make a strobe light working on a copy of actual headlights
The object is just a little lens that represent the normal light on an s15 front
(the middle one)

So, what i did is starting from a tutorial on youtube that just explained how to separate parts and making them working as extra with proper names (from this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNv_CvSUfXQ)
But the difference is that i'm looking to make the car as an addon for fiveM, once i builded-up a template i found on gta5-mods.com and tried it, the light wasn't working
I tried to take a working police mod streamed files and just put my model on it and this time the lights were working in-game

So, i was wondering what exactly is making working these lights in-game (just the strobes), then, how can i make the texture lighting (if possible) like an actual light and having this strobe effect like on the s13 on the first video, and then having that white colour
I also need to move the coronas of the siren because actually one is weirdly placed...
And all that without any script, and without the lspdfr mod

Can anyone help me for that?

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