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Fires & Use for Fire Dept.

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Perhaps when 0.4 API comes out, we can start focusing on some fire calls.  Like house on fire, or building on fire,  bushes on fire because some idiot threw his cigar into it, a car on fire after a major accident.  Maybe created as an ambient event, others called in by 911, etc.  We have mods like better EMS that use the fire dept. but only for medical calls only.  I want to see all the emergency responders being utilized.  I love it when we have a big scene with EMS/Fire/PD. @PNWParksFan your ems mod AI doesn't react to fire I don't believe, maybe a feature that could be implemented down the road for calls like this.

Again, thanks to all who make scripts for the community and make our LSPDFR life way better!

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