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Disappearing Model?

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How are you guys?  I just creating a modding bundle, however, I have some issues. So, before I do any mods, I always take backups, so after specific mods, I made backups. So far, what I have included right now. 


  • Natural & Realistic ENB
  • Real NYC Places (names)
  • Metlife Building
  • WTC 0.3.5 (no snow)


So far everything is cool, I am trying to add Real Subways, which went fine except one little thing. For some reason, the railing of the stairs to the subway disappear. First I thought maybe I did something wrong, but no. Even before adding Real Subways, it just simply not here. 

The version of my GTA 4 (no eflc) is



Any suggestion you might have?

EXTRA: Is there any solution when replacing cars and mostly the same cars going on the streets? I tried Traffic Load, however, it does not seems to work so far...

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okay first thing is it could be because you are on because most people are on

my 2nd explaination it could be because the game isnt well optimized  and it was never there in the first place.

3rd explaination it could be because what ever all of the things you added it could be conflicting with your game .


or my last thought is it might take longer to load in because of all the modifactions you have in the game. but other then that i really dont know


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