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I can't anymore..

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I've been modding for years and i feel like no matter what I do i can't get anything to work. Or just when i think my game is good to go, my shit will crash after a few minutes and i'll get a game memory error. Like last week my game worked fine and now today all of a sudden when i go to spawn any vehicle at all i get an error and my game force closes


I asked before if there was a way i could just download someone else's mod folder but that thread got shut down quickly and was just told to do some research on learning how to mod. Obviously the mod who closed my thread didn't realize i'm not new at this. I see so many videos of mods working for people flawlessly and I have no idea how.


My pc specs aren't terrible so I don't know what the issue is:


120 GB SSD (Boot Drive)

750 GB HDD (Secondary/Slave)

16 GB Ram (8x2)

Eight Core AMD FX 8320 3.5 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo)

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 SC

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Mine does this too, and I have a similar system.


I had a real problem with out of memory errors with Natural Vision Remastered when I had it installed. I now use VisualV with Make Visuals Great Again installed over top of it. I haven't had a crash after a few minutes of gameplay, or for no reason since. I only have crashes when I get mega frame drop, etc. 


I wouldn't suggest sharing mods folders (at least on any moderated website) because it's considered piracy since there are still vanilla game files in it, as i'm sure you are aware of. 


I would just suggest saving any important parts of your mods folder (i.e. vehicle slots, etc.) into a seperate location on your computer. Then, delete your mods folder completely. I know it sounds painful, and it is, but you probably know how many frames you earn back after doing the thing.


So, with that said. Install something other than NVR, take out some high poly count cars, and if worst comes to worst, just completely delete your mods folder.


I hope this helped somewhat!

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