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Crashing + Vehicle Installation Help

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Hi all,


I am fairly confident with the installation of mods as I have done this and all works fine. However, I am very uneasy and unsure about installing vehicles for the sake of ELS functions, I would really appreciate some one on one chatbox through whatever, or even help here is fine but im really desperate to play ....


So, an example of me being unsure about installing vehicles is the 'Los Santos Police Service Mega-Pack [ELS Enabled] by  Jedahdiah' pack.


On my Open IV I have installed both ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI, this in turn created a mods folder like so: GTAV --> mods --> update --> update.rpf. This is all of the files that exist within my mods folder.


Now, in the installation instructions within the mentioned pack (listed above, by Jedahdiah) he notes that:


"Install the vehicles in the most recent patchdayng folder. As of April '18, this would be:

mods> update> x64> dlcpacks> patchday18ng> dlc> x64> levels> gta5> vehicles.rpf

Drag and drop the vehicles into this .rpf file."


But my mods folder only has: "GTAV --> mods --> --> update --> update.rpf" so im really confused??? Am i meant to create the files myself somehow, why arent they already there? Ithought i was doing everything right is all. I just dont know how to install vehicles correctly. Please help.

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I have downloaded a number of popular scripts/mods and installed them. About 10+ or so. Whenever I open the game via RPH it crashes at the loading screen. THIS IS THE CASE FOR LOADING WITH/WITHOUT PLUGINS ENABLED VIA RPH



Log with Plugins Enabled.log

Log without Plugins Enabled.log

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If RPH crashes in its loading screen could be because you don't have the x64 files within the update folder, to get it, copy and paste the whole update folder into the mods folder. 

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After trying what you suggested the game still crashes in the same way. Any other suggestions? Also I still need assistance on  Issue #1 (Vehicle Inst.). 


The following log file is attached for the crash again.

Same Again.log

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Yeah then you should have the x64 file after you replaced the update folder in \mods\ with the new one. If you don't have the x64 folder in your vanilla updates folder then that means your game files are corrupted, if that's the case, reinstall your game.

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