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More Than 1 Police Partner?

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There are plenty of Partner Plugins for LSPDFR, i primarily use Darkmyres. However i always wanted to utilize NOOSE or SWAT or a squad/unit based Police Faction and i can only get one partner. In LCPDFR you could target a NPC and add them as a partner, up to even 4-6 i believe. Allowing for SWAT Team style patrol options. Is there anyway to stack Partners without dismissing or glitching the current ones?. I know this is tricky and hard, being that traffic stop backup and other plugins backup functions can interfere with the partner UI/Functionality. Long story short, any plugin/script/trainer that would allow me to spawn and partner up with 2-3+ Police Partners?. Also i am not looking for a " bodyguard " type of script where people just follow me and kill anyone i target or who attacks me. Looking for Taser/Takedown/Arrest ability with the Partners as well. In Darkmyre's it's awesome and the AI Partner can drive and also follow in a vehicle ( makes for cool Highway Patrol Bikes), however all that is missing is multiple partner support.

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