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Perfomance issues in lspdfr

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Hello guys, so I've got a really good pc but I still tend to go under 60fps from time to time. Any bad plugins that could be causing some lag that you might know of? thx



32gigs of ram

1080 ti

i7 7700


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Posted (edited)

LSPDFR and some plugins and they eat your FPS so not too many solutions just wait LSPDFR 0.4 to see if improvements will be made. Even if we offer you solutions, they will never work.


After here are some solutions



  • Fully disable MSAA (I was running at 4x, steady 60fps in the base game but had lot of fps drops in pursuit with lspdfr)

Do not try at 2x, you'll have the same problem with lspdfr and a ugly looking game

  • Use Nvidia DSR as AA.I play in 2715x1527 to have a clean looking game and steady 60fps.

I know this definition is a little bit "bastard", but it's really nice looking.

  • Playing in 1440p is not as good as MSAA4x so I pushed it further. Do not push too far or you'll drop fps.

I'm using 22% smooth factor to avoid blurry game

  • Always use Vsync to avoid stutter.
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Lol, I just accepted the fact that with the amount of plugins/mods i want i will only be able to play at 25-35 FPS. Once you get past 3-5 plugins or even LSPDFR callout plugins under LSPDFR folder, you will notice the FPS decrease significantly. 

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