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I decided to make a start with designing skins. I've been trying to master GIMP and I am still learning. Today I'd like to show you my first skins. Hopefully you guys can give me feedback, hints or tips so I can improve the skins and myself :)


My first 2 skins:

(Models are from t0y. I take no credits for the models. The cars can be found here: 



Blaine County Sheriff Ford Police Interceptor

Taurus - front.png

Taurus - back.png

Blaine County Sheriff Chevrolet Tahoe

Tahoe - front.png

Tahoe - back.png

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It's a good start for sure, but there are some things that, in my opinion, could be changed to make the livery even better. Most importantly, you might want more contrast between the base color, the text color, and the decals (wolves). For example, the wolves and base color are okay together, but the "SHERIFF" is hard to read because of its color. Changing the color to something brighter, or even better: outlining the text with another color, might help. The other text (Dial 911, 292, etc.) is hard to read, too, because the color of the text is similar to the paint behind it. Realistically (realism is not necessary for custom designs, though) typical patrol cars have contrasting car/text colors so that the car is easily identifiable. Stealth cars often don't follow this pattern, though. 


If I was making the skin, I would also adjust the composition a little bit. For the wolves on the side, I have two choices: either make the wolves smaller and keep the badge, or shrink the badge and maybe move it up to the front fender, just above the wheel. From there, and after I've changed the text color, I might move the "Sheriff" up and to the back a little bit so it's not over top of the wolves as much. With the badge, wolves and text all large and together the livery seems a little cluttered to me. The font might be a little bit basic but that's another subjective element of the design, so it's entirely up to you. I prefer a little bit more spicy if you know what I mean, but not everyone does.


Everything is up to you and everything I've introduced is based entirely off of my own opinion, so feel free to change what you like or even change nothing at all. The designs are good and are especially a fantastic start. For reference, I used the Tahoe to form my opinion, but some of my suggestions could apply to the Taurus as well. I hope you continue to make skins in the future, and I hope you continue to enjoy it. In early 2012 I had started making skins and someone told me it looked like the cars were spray-painted, but six years later and now I'm looking into a path in automotive design :)

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Awesome! Thanks for helping out, I'll be working on a 2nd version with your feedback and present that as soon as it's ready! :)

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