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Help, transport regions.xml error

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(RagePluginHook.log file below) I got back to playing lspdfr again, I updated everything and played successfuly for a couple days. Then yesterday I Forced Duty as always and got two messages in red saying "Error reading transport regions.xml and transport world districts.xml" I know these files have something to do with Arrest Manager and if I delete them new ones are created automatically. However, when I reinstalled arrest manager and deleted the two files, it kept happening. Then, after those messages when I press X to get a callout lspdfr crashes. I don't remember adding any new files as lspdfr worked two days ago. I looked in my log and it said this :" [5/7/2018 7:51:51 PM.327] LSPD First Response: Arrest Manager encountered an exception reading 'Plugins/LSPDFR/Arrest Manager/Transport Regions.xml'. It was: System.InvalidOperationException: Could not spawn new vehicle." But I didn't add any new vehicles and all the vehicles I have I added a long time ago and all of them worked perfectly. Please help, thanks.  


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7 hours ago, hindubiceps said:

How you solved?



He probably reinstalled the transport region file from the original download.

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