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PoliceSmartRadio Towing Script

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Just wondering if it ever passed the suggestion board on creating a script that allows you to call for a specific type of tow when needed for both light, heavy, and wreckage jobs. I have always wondered by default PoliceSmartRadio uses the FLATBED when you call for a tow of any type of vehicle which is odd. You have to switch it to Tow Truck to get a regular tow. But this is the problem, why doesn't it randomly dispatch the appropriate tow vehicle for the job. Normally if you call a tow for a motorcyle a box truck comes to pick it up and take it away. Standard size vehicles normally get the regular tow truck, Flat bed usually comes out for wrecked vehicles that have exploded or have flat tires. Why cant tow truck 2 slot be used for a heavy duty pick up of lets say a stolen City Bus or a Semi truck. The regular tow always gets called out and the tow cable snaps on these vehicles! Then the vehicle vanishes. 


I was wondering if any one with the know how can create a script that adds new tow truck buttons to the smart radio (LIGHT TOW, TOW TRUCK, FLAT BED, TOW TRUCK 2) to the menu, so you can dispatch out for exactly what you need! 

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