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Non-ELS lightbar creation help

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I want to try and make some vehicles for a FiveM server me and some friends have. I've spent all week searching youtube videos and trying to follow some but the few videos I could find that show nonels lightbar setups don't seem to explain enough. I'm already at the point where I'd rather pay someone to commission me a lightbar. And I still haven't gotten into trying to learn the carcol stuff yet. Does anyone know of a good tutorial video that shows more in-depth non-ELS setup? The ones I could find were good for basic setup but they don't go into the takedown lights. And none of them show how to set up a lightbar like the Liberty on this site that I would like to try, or something similar to it. And I'm way too new at all this that I don't know how to set up the stuff not explained in the videos


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