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RPH stuck at waiting for window

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Hello all,


I have searched far and wide for a solution to my problem. My RPH is stuck at the waiting for game window.


To save the 50 questions I will include almost all necessary information that I can think of:


Have I added mods to cause it to stop working? No, I haven't added mods for quite some time.

Anything new you've done to your PC? I added a new video card which installed NORTON. ( I have disabled most settings but i'm thinking this is the problem.)

What version of RPH?  0.62.1216.14731


Legal version of GTA? Of Course.


Have you tried running RPH as admin and ensuring GTAV exe's are not? Yepp


Can you include your RPH Log? Nope, because the last log generated was Apr 9th. The last time I played.

Does GTAV work by itself? Yep


If I have missed anything please let me know. As you can see I am not one to ask without researching prior. P.S. I have watched some youtube videos with no results as well.


Thanks in advance guys!



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