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police smart radio not working.

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so I have been playing lspdfr for 3 months now and the one thing that has always worked for me was psr. however yesterday while I was playing lspdfr crashed (no big deal my pc isn't extremely powerful happens about every 45 minutes to an hour) so I got to force duty again and the next time I try to call a tow truck it gives me the message about going on duty twice. so I just restart gta 5 and force duty and sure enough the first time itry to use it it gives me that message. so I have tried what seems like everything and nothing is working. so I then uninstalled psr completely and reinstalled and started the game and that black box came where I hit 1 to enable and 2 to disable all the buttons from other plugins such as arrest manager and peterucallouts. and it says it was a success and now when I pull it up it only has like the bare bones psr buttons such as plate check and panic. and I go to look in the button setup in my plugins folder nad none of the buttons I enabled are listed. I even tried to reinstall arrest manager and it still don't do anything. does anyone have any insight? p.s. sorry about the grammar I have to be at work in the morning and have just kinda flew through this.

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