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Lucas Johnson

LSPDFR Crashing **HELP**

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I've done the trouble shoot by albo and everything is said to be fine, but when I load up LSPDFR and go into the game this is what happens: I join game, I teleport to Paleto Bay, go into sheriff office, go on duty, customize, spawn car, get into car and like 3-4 minutes later it'll crash. Help. Below me is the video evidence, if you have reasoning behind this or a solution email me at the following address: lucasjersey1@gmail.com if you have a solution or just comment down below. If you overuse my email address or spam me I will report it to LSPDFR staff team for harassment to other community members.


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Have you tried without any additional mod (even the trainer), just vanilla LSPDFR? If it works fine then you can add your plugins one at a time to identify which one is causing the issue.

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