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RAGE Plugin Hook crashes to desktop on loadup

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Hi guys can anyone help!!,


So earlier today I was modding my Police vehicles in Open IV, and this meant that when I went to play LSPDFR, it needed to download the changes I had made to vehicles. The download said it would take 50 or so minutes, fine. At some point in the download, my internet done it's common thing of losing connection and it stopped the download (naturally), with 'Code 207'. I re-connected my internet and it continued the download until complete. I launched the game and all was going as normal until a display box said, 'GTA V HAS CRASHED'. I have had this before but only had to reloaded the game and all was ok. Now though, it crashes to desktop every single time with this message!!. It will reach the girl in the red bikini loading screen and then freeze and say  'GTA V HAS CRASHED' . I have tried several methods from internet videos to fix the issue but NONE have worked. I have re-installed RPH, Script Hook V and jiggled with a couple car mods but nothing. I can only assume it was the download interruption that has caused it but that is just a guess. I am now at a loss as to how to fix it :(


Also, should RPH load the Rockstar sirens and gunfire intro or not?, because my game doesn't


Please can anyone advise on what to do!!


Thanks in advance,



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I fixed the problem by re-installing GTA V if anyone is having the same problem.


Topic fin.

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