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GTA V Support Frequently Asked Questions

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The following is a list of the most asked questions that are not LSPDFR related.  The LSPDFR FAQs is located in the LSPDFR support area.  These FAQs will be updated as new things arise.  If none of the below answers help,  please create a topic.


Please note, the last section of this post will contain ELS questions, while the first part is various other things.  I am only including ELS issues and tips.  Anything that is basic or that is covered in the ELS documentation is not being included.  


If you're looking for a specific answer, press CTRL + F to search what you're looking for.




Remember, if you replace something in the mods folder and start crashing, you can always go into the vanilla files and copy/paste the vanilla files into your mods folder!



How do I make my police lights brighter? / Help, my police lights are dim!


Pause the game and go into GTA V's settings.  Find the option PostFX and Shaders.  Change both to high or above.  Do note these may cause some FPS loss, especially the higher you put them.   If still nothing, keep reading.


Try installing RadianceV.  If that doesn't help, open up OpenIV and go into mods-->update-->update-->common-->data.  Extract "Visualsettings.dat" to your desktop.  For editing, I encourage downloading and using Notepad++, however it's not required as you can open it with Notepad.  Once it's open, press CTRL F and search for car.default, you will be brought here:




Including a second link just in case the above doesn't work.





The two lines that I have marked are the only ones that matter for what we want.  Everyone has their own preference, but for me 6000 and 1500 work perfect.  Check my image album if you want examples of how my lights look.  After you change the settings, save the file.  In OpenIV, click "edit mode", then drag and drop the edited visualsettings to the exact same place you got it from.  Click "edit mode" again and you're good.


Note: I've discovered that with some cars, their lights are naturally dim.  If your lights are dim, verify it's the same case for all your models.



My pranger, sheriff, riot and firetruk slots have a weird graphic/texture glitch! / I installed Natural Vision Remastered/NVR and have a texture glitch!


NVR installs a folder named NVR_EMISSIVES, and in this folder contains the .YTDs for the before mentioned vehicles.  You can safely delete these .YTDs, they have zero effect on modded cars.



When I press F4, the game freezes, but the Rage console doesn't appear / Police Smart Radio is open, but I can't see it? 


Go to the RagePluginHook Settings ---> Game settings ---> Command line switches check "Force Windowed mode",  then save and launch.  You can change back to full screen once in game.



Why aren't my trainers working?


You need to have ScriptHookV installed.  http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/



I'm crashing and getting system access violations!/exception access violation


System access violations are some of the most frustrating and difficult to figure out because they are thrown by your computer.  Sometimes it means your game is using too much ram.   Do note this is not always the case, this error really varies.  For some people, a simple fix for this error is opening the CommandLine.txt in your GTA V directory and deleting everything inside.  If you get this error, think about what you were doing at the time.  If you were on a call and a lot was happening, or if the game was trying to do something and couldn't.


There have been a few cases where a specific plugin or new mod caused the issue.  In one case, the user installed "Who needs 'em? Remove unnecessary controller bindings" and that was causing the problem.



How do I install modded police cars?  / How do I install add-on/standalone cars?


Hystery has made a very helpful topic for this, and I made one for standalone cars, but the one thing I wanted to point out and make clear is that all replacement cars go in the very newest patchday that has a vehicles.rpf.  The newest patchday is the one with the highest number.  Using older patchdays for replacing vehicles will not work!


Hystery's guide for installing cars -


Gio's guide for installing standalone cars -



I updated my game, but now I can't get past the loading screen!


  • You need to update the update.rpf within your mods folder.

     To do this, open OpenIV, and go into the mods folder.  Click the "edit mode" button at the top of OIV.  If you see a green notice about updating, do it.


How do I verify integrity of game cache on Steam or Disc?


For Steam - Right click GTA in your Steam library-->properties-->local files.


For Disc, create a shortcut of the GTAVLauncher.exe file that is in your GTA V folder.  Right click the shortcut you made and go to properties.  Once in properties, go to "target" and add -verify right at the end, outside of the ".



I crash when entering vehicles! / I crash when entering SHERIFF2/FBI2!


1) Are you using LeFix's mods, or any type of fuel mod/speedometer?  That could be a reason.


2) Did you add in a new replacement car?  If so, I've had times where the vehicles.meta line for the model was not compatible with the model.  An easy fix is to replace this meta line, preferably with a model that is similar to the one you installed.  For example, if you installed a Tahoe, use the FBI2 meta line.


3) Did you edit the vehiclelayouts.meta?  The game does not like this file to be edited, if you revert back to vanilla it'll be fine.  I'm unaware if there is a way to edit this file and have it work.


4) Are you using "Free Me! Remove unnecessary controller bindings"?  Several users have reported that using set #5 causes this crash.  To fix this you can either remove this mod, or try a different set.

Thanks to @Mattbravo for reporting this.



I'm getting ERR_GEN_ZLIB_2 failed zlib call!


Taken from the Rockstar support page, it indicates corrupt game data.  You can try verifying integrity of game cache.  If you don't know how, look two questions above this one. 



I'm losing textures / areas go under the map!


Once you're in game, alt tab out and open task manager.  Click the processes tab, and right click GTA 5's process.  Change the priority to high.  Also try closing every other open program.



When I try and load the game I get an infinite loading screen with the character slideshow.


  • Go into OpenIV and click "edit mode".  You may get a green pop up at the top informing you about a title update.  If you see the pop up, go ahead and update. 


  • Open the commandline.txt that is in your GTA V directory.  Paste -scOfflineOnly and save it.

           Notes:  1) If you load up GTA V via normal GTA V.exe, the initial UI giving you the option to play in single player, online, etc may not appear.  The game may load straight into single player.

                         2) -scOfflineOnly needs to be on its own line.  You can't have two commands occupying the same line.



When I spawn bodyguards/partners via my trainer, they keep entering and exiting vehicles.


Open the trainer and go to Bodyguards -> Bodyguard tasks -> enable "change for all" -> set task to "look at player" .  This won't always work, though. The bodyguard AI isn't the brightest.


Why does my vehicle spawn with tint? / How to get rid of window tint?


There's two ways you can remove the tint.  The first way is for convenience and avoiding editing files.  The second way is a permanent fix that I recommend.


1) For those who aren't interested in editing any files and just want to play, open your trainer, go to the vehicle mods section.  Find the tint option, and set it to one of the settings, then switch back to "none".  This should fix it.  You will need to do this each time it spawns, and when AI use the vehicle, it will have the tint.


2) You will need to navigate to the vehicles.meta in OpenIV.  For vanilla vehicles, go to mods-->update-->update-->common-->data-->levels-->gta 5.  Grab the vehicles.meta and drag it to your desktop.  Now open it with a text editor.  Notepad works, but I recommend Notepad++.   Note: If you plan to edit these files a lot, Sublime Txt is what I prefer over everything.


Once the meta is opened, press CTRL F to search for the vehicle you want to edit.  In the meta you'll find this line:


<diffuseTint value=" " />


Remove whatever number is there already and add this: 0x00FFFFFF


It should look like this now:


<diffuseTint value="0x00FFFFFF" />


Now save the edited meta and close out of the text editor.


In OpenIV, make sure you are in the same location that you originally extracted the meta from.


Click "edit mode" in the top right.


Now drag and drop the edited meta back in.


Click "save" and you're done.


Note: Some vehicles come with natural tint.  This cannot be edited or removed.  You'd need to ask the author about it



My in game notifications are no longer appearing.


In GTA V's settings, make sure phone notifications are enabled.  I've previously seen that More Control V was the culprit of notifications not working.


Why are gangs/random guys coming after me nonstop?


You're in the part of the story where Trevor "saves", aka kidnaps, Martin's wife, thus banishing the boys from the city.  You'll need to complete this part of the story before you can play LSPDFR in the city.



I'm crashing with "year, month and day parameters describe an un-representable datetime".


You haven't played GTA long enough to have a proper day/time set.  Try playing for 10 minutes, save the single player mode, and try again.



Peds can't aim/shoot weapons.


Are you using the Family Friendly Free Roaming mod? If so, open the .INI and look for block_melee_with_animation.  Disable this.



I'm getting a fatal error when Rage is loading, it's under "velocity limit removed" and above "patching code".


This is caused by having "enable counter measures against online vehicles in single player" being enabled.  You can disable this by going into Rage's settings.


Why is GTA forcing me to use windowed mode?


This is caused by windows's gaming feature and gaming vr.


RPH had an issue initializing with directx


In RPH settings, under command switch, check force windowed mode.



How come AI drivers are disappearing?/AI drivers disappearing?/No drivers in cars?


This is part of GTA V's memory management.  Speaking from my own experience, the AI drivers start despawning when too much memory is being used.  Here's two things I've discovered that causes this to happen:


  • Too many modded cars being in play, or too many high poly cars in a certain area.  I have yet to see this be an issue with modded police vehicles, but It does happen if you have too many vanilla AI vehicles modded.  I'm not certain if it's due to a vehicle being too high poly and being spawned in traffic multiple times, or if it's a combination of several or all vanilla vehicles being replaced/modded.


  • Plugins.  Some plugins are memory hogs, and this forces GTA to try and compensate.  Try unloading some non-essential plugins and see if there's a change.


Why does the Rockstar editor camera blur when moved? / I installed a new graphics mod and my camera blurs when moved.


Navigate to mods / update / update / common / data/ timecycle.


Extract timecycle1 to your desktop.


Open it in a text editor (preferably Notepad++ or Sublime).


Press CTRL F and search for "mototionblur".  You should find this line:




followed by some digits/numbers in the middle.  Here's how you need to edit it and make it look.  I added extra 0s to make it have the same amount of numbers as other entries, I have no idea if this makes any difference. Here's what you should change the numbers to:


<postfx_motionblurlength>0.000 0.000</postfx_motionblurlength>


You can just copy and past the above if you don't want to type.




I don't really understand what the ELS VCF is, can you explain?

The VCF is an XML file that comes with all ELS enabled cars.  This file is required for the lights and sirens to function properly.  Without it, you'll be able to turn on lights and siren, but the lights will be steady burn, and you'll have the vanilla siren control.  This file also controls the reflections that your car gives off.  For example, in the VCF the second category is EOVERRIDE, and part of its options include "AllowEnVLights="true" Color=red".  If you change that color to blue, that is the reflection you'll see off the walls/buildings/etc.

Why isn't ELS working?


ELS requires that ScriptHookV and advancedhookv.dll be in your main GTA V directory.  If both are present and it's still not working, either

a) The ELS VCF for the model is not in the pack_default folder.


b) asiloader is not enabled in OpenIV.

Why do only my headlights and taillights flash?

This generally happens either when there is no ELS VCF to reador ELS has bugged out.  If it's the latter, this can be fixed by doing the following:


Restart your PC.   For whatever reason, I've found this to be the solution every single time.  I've included an additional step below that is only needed if restarting your PC fails.



In OpenIV, go to ASI Manager and uninstall ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI and then click install again to reinstall them. Next, restart your PC, and try loading into the game again and see if that works. If it still not working after that, please create a topic and post the ASI log and ELS log files.

When I try to open the ELS console it pauses the game?

For whatever crazy reason, the ELS console key is CTRL P.  To change the keybinding, open the ELS INI and look for "TogInfoPanel =", change this to 85.  Now CTRL U will open the console.

When I'm on a traffic stop and use the police computer, the AI drives away! / Honking the horn makes the AI drive away!

This is a result of ELS's traffic control.  It's meant to help you by forcing AI vehicles out of your way.  However, it completely disregards you being on a traffic stop and will make your stopped driver fly off into never never land.  To disable this, open the ELS INI and find "ELSTrafCTRL", set to false.

How do I enable wig-wags on my vehicle?

Open the VCF for the car and look in the "Acoronas" category.  The first two options will be headlights and taillights.  Set them to 1 or higher to enable them.  While we're in this category,  IndicatorsF is your front turn signals,  IndicatorsB is the rear turn signals, and ReverseLights, as it sounds, enables the flashing of reverse lights.  You can make all of these flash if you really want a disco car!

How can I make it so my vehicle only uses one siren or doesn't have one at all?

Open thee VCF for the car and look under "sounds".  You'll see the "AllowUse=true" lines.  Change true to false.


My police lights are causing crashes.


Most likely you installed ELS incorrectly.   Double check the ELS documentation on installing and verify you followed everything to a T.


The game crashes when loading if I use multiple VCFs.


Open the ELS .INI and look for "MaxActiveVehs".  Set this to 50.



The flood lights/take downs are always on. How do I turn them off?


Replace the original line with this to turn them off.


<Takedowns AllowUse="true" Mirrored="true" />
<SceneLights AllowUse="true" IlluminateSidesOnly="true" />
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