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Attention all officers! Challenge of the month!

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Hey everyone, I'm Hawksby, long time supporter and spectator of LCPDFR.

Unfortunately I do not have a computer that can run GTAIV, So I havent been able to get in on the fun, HOWEVER... That dosen't stop me from making creative challenges for others. I've seen the crime statistics for today and JESUS... The Liberty City Corrections Department is going to have a field day, So... Here's my challenge to all officers for the rest of this fiscal month of June... TICKET! Tickets and Citations, You heard it! When your playing on the beat and you see in-progress crimes that dont nessicarily need an arrest... Issue a citation! Liberty City needs extra money in the coffers since the Corrections Department is having a hard time keeping up with all the people that everyone throws in the slammer!

Prevent prison overpopulation, but still lay down the law! This includes the parking enforcement officers too! Illegally parked cars? Start ticketing!

Good luck and stay safe out there, LCPD!


First Sergeant Sean D. Hawksby - Supervisor, Security Solutions Division (SSD)
HitCorp International [HCI]

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