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Looking for More Advice

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Hey All

My name may be Sunset but I still keep coming up looking for advice!

My present system just can't handle GTA IV

My ultimate aim is to use LCPD:FR ... And I realize that with these Cheap Improvements

Resolutions hopefully will be tolerable!

Now having said all that ... Here is an image comparing my E2220 with E6600!


So Question 1 is will E6600 work for me?

Now for Question 2 ... Here is an image of GeForce GT440 (Fermi) (I hope it may work)


I hope these images makes sense because they don't to me! LOL

Thanx in advance for any and all Help ... You Guys are the Best!


Thanx Asuna ... I'll check on a gfx card ... You Guys are the Best!


I probably shouldn't be asking this ✡ But here goes

Assuming I don't need a more powerful Graphics Card

What kind of Resolution can I expect?

Because if the Resolution isn't tolerable

Then these improvements would be a waste of time and money

I feel like I'm asking unnecessary questions ✡ But being an Old Trucker

Computer Technology and Trucking don't mix for Old Drivers!

Thanx Again!

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you MIGHT need to up the gfx card in it, or you may want to. but most newer PC's (anything made in 2009 and later) can usually handle IV

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