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How To Achieve Brighter Police Lights For You Cars

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So I was watching Jeff on YouTube and Police Lights were extremely bright which is something I like but when I installed Radiance V the effect wasn't working for me I replaced the file as told but I never got the desired effect and I see a good amount of people on the forums who are having the same issue as me and after digging through the GTA V Files on Open IV I found something out....the VisualSettings.dat File has 3 separate ones and they must all be replaced to get the lighting you desire with Radiance V so here is a tutorial and hopefully it helps people who have been confused like myself on why it was not working.

Step One : Open Open IV and Click on Windows.



Step Two : Turn on Edit Mode in Open IV.



Once You've Done These You Will Be Replacing Three Different Files (All VisualSettings.dat) at these file locations.

1st One : Mods/Update/Update.rpf/Common/Data (Scroll Down to See File and Replace)



2nd One : Update/Update.rpf/Common/Data (Scroll Down To See File and Replace)



3rd One : Common.rpf/Data (Scroll Down to See File and Replace)



Step Three : Navigate To x64a.rpf/Textures (Replace graphics.ytd)

I'm Not Sure If The Last Step Is Necessary But I Did It Just In Case and These Are The Results:













Mods I Used : (Very Bright Option)



(I used the graphics.ytd file from this mod.)

Hopefully this Helps and Leave Any Questions You May Have!

Special Thanks to Sereous313 for Reaching Out To Help Me!

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1 hour ago, Kilyin said:

Strange, only one I replaced was in \mods\update.rpf\common\data, worked fine. Are you sure your mods folder is working?

I replaced them in two different folders and I still had issues....maybe I just needed to do that but after replacing all 3 my lights finally started working with Radiance V

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