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Walsh's LSPDFR Diary

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Hey everyone,

Just as an introduction, my name is Walsh and I 'co-own' the youtube channel SynGaming with my cousin (although my cousin doesn't exactly do anything on it, he just has access to it). I mainly play ArmA 3 Life on the channel, but I also have an LSPDFR series going along side it that I try to upload at weekends. I decided that posting it here on the website might be a good idea to get the series popular and maybe help me with my channel :). So far I've recorded 3 episodes, and I plan on uploading another one tonight:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 - This day isn't the best tbh lol. Things kind of went wierd and I started using an AK XD

Hope you guys enjoy, and any feedback would be nice (suggestions, constructive criticism etc.). I will continue to add to this list as a sort of index whenever I upload a new video. 


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