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can someone help me with mods

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This is what I used when I first started playing LSPDFR. Watch the video and do what he does and install the mods you want.




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On 2/19/2016 at 3:26 PM, echoShady said:

i did that and the police cars mods are not loading in and has screwed the police cruiser text up and i dont know hot to fix it

Then you may have placed the vehicle file in the wrong location. Which vehicle were you trying to replace, and where (in OpenIV) did you place it?

2'nd, to fix your issues, (if you have Steam) you need to verify game cache.

1. Go to steam Library

2. Right click on GTA V

3. Click on "Properties"

4. Click on "Local Files"

5. Click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"

This will replace all files (cars, textures, audio etc.) with the original files. It will not mess with your LSPDFR, or any scripts.

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