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Local Michigan Police Sheriff (WIP)

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Decided to throw together some skins for my local law enforcement. I present Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Department. Three skin variations for a 2008 CVPI -- a traditional white skin, white skin with Garfield Township and Sergeant, and a black skin. Lastly, I made a skin for a 2011 Dodge Charger. Let me know what you think! These haven't been uploaded FYI.



GTA5 2016-02-14 22-31-31-02.jpg

GTA5 2016-02-14 22-31-55-97.jpg

GTA5 2016-02-14 22-32-10-76.jpg

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The skin looks pretty good for being new. A few suggestions I may make, try to make the end of the lines meet with the headlights and taillights It looks much better ending there than cutting off randomly.


If you keep the lines within the lamps, it will look much more smoother. You might want to adjust the fender text, too. It looks out of place and curvy. 

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Hey Lundy, thanks for the constructive comments! Yes, it is my first time at editing and creating skins for vehicles.

I definitely understand and considered what you said about making the lines meet with the lamps, it's something that bothers me as well to be honest. But all of the reference photos I have show the lines pretty much exactly like I have on the model -- under the lamp. Haha, they may need a new graphic artist? But I'll definitely trim them up a bit!

Thanks again,




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