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[LSPDFR .3 Crash on start]

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So after some issues with ScripthookV updates and the trainer after the new 1/28/16 Update, I was able to get the game to start.

Now everything goes smoothly, IE LSPDFR starting up and telling me 25 commands and such. Things start to crash when I go on duty. I enter the police station just fine, pick my character and my car. 

But at the moment my car spawns, I get a Crash notification saying "Error accessing the .ini File. Loading default keys". I've had a hard time trying to find where the heck it's having trouble. Anyway here's a list of all the mod inside my LSPDFR Plugins folder, and a RAGEPLUGIN Log, RagePluginHook_29012016_235245.logLSPDFR_Plugins.thumb.png.161ec2b85ed7dcbLSPDFR_Folder.thumb.png.b347033e95e48451

To confirm I did read the compatibility list at 

But I still had the same problem. I don't have trouble with RAGE at all, and the other plugins work, but it's the LSPDFR one specifically crashing.

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