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Is gamemodels.ru illegal?

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The thing is... some of the models are ripped from Driver SF, Forza, and more. I thought this made it illegal. So won't F5544's mods be violating copyright? He is uploading files that are ripped from games...

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The amount of money that ubisoft or any of these companies would have to pay in legal fee's to bring a lawsuit over models to court way out does any monetary losses they are receiving from these models existing in GTAV, which is probably close to 0$. It would cost them thousands of dollars in legal fee's over something that is not costing them any money whatsoever. Where it gets shady is if people are taking personal donations for these models - at that point money is changing hands over these companies intellectual property which does make legal action more feasible on their end. If people are making money off their product they have a much stronger case so gamemodels.ru would be liable, however if you also start receiving money from the models you might find yourself in some hot water  potentially if the the IP holders have a bunch of spare time and money on their hands.

TLTR: Its all about money, unless your costing them money or making money off their intellectual properties you are most likely totally fine.

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