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Script Request/Callout Ideas

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Hey guys, I strive for realism in-game and these are a few mods that I think would enhance our experience a bit.

The first script is just a simple airhorn mod. This would allow us to push a button to sound our airhorn instead of having to turn your lights off.  

The next is a mod that spawns in backup further away. Most of the time (in real life) your backup is at least a few minutes away. Another way to achieve this would be to set a delay before the backup spawns in, if you it's not possible control where they spawn.

Lastly, are some realistic, low-priority call ideas. -

Welfare Checks - Vacation checks, elderly checks, PINS(Person in need of supervision) Subject
Neighbor Disputes - Two neighbors arguing (Or you just roll up on two people, and you make it into a call)
Civil Issue - Mediate a situation
Noise Complaints - Loud music, loud vehicle
Vehicle vandalism
Suicidal Person
Sexual Predator - Suspicious person, or someone taking pictures of people on the streets
Possible Drug Deal - Suspicious activity (Pretty Much Already Made, But Maybe This Could Lead To A Foot Pursuit Where Subjects Discard Drugs While Running)Suspicious Vehicle - Oldy parked car, or vehicle that stays in area
Argument with restaurant staff - Someone failing to pay for
Trespassing - Someone in a construction sight, or someone looking out of place
Security Alarm - May be an accident, or robbery
Panic Alarm / Silent Alarm (High Chance Of False Alarm) - Multiple Outcomes
Someone Selling illegal / stolen items
Attempted B&E (Break and Enter)
Motorist Aids - Vehicle Stalled, Maybe Obstructing Traffic, Assist Motorist or Call Tow Truck

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