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I have looked ever where for a tutorial or better instructions on editing the xml. If anyone knows of anything can you please link it here., 

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9 hours ago, cp702 said:

What, specifically, are you trying to do?

Im trying to change who responds as backup. 

I would like to have my "'''police" slot respond with lievery 0 and component 3 respond as local police in the city. I would like to have all my sheriff units respond as my police2 slot with livery 0 and component 2,3 on the car for all my state units. Id like to throw my unmarked or sahp car in the other state spot to replace the bike responding. I find if I call for back up in certain areas (lets say sandy shores for example) Ill request local backup but bc of the different livery and components on my cars, Ill get different liverys or components for back up. If possible Id also like the sheriff granger  and pranger vehicle responding as well. 

Im just finding the instructions in the .xml very confusing. Im pretty sure what I want is really straight forward, just cant figure out the specifics of the .xml.

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