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Garage Customization - [Suggestion]

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I have to say, I love the new version of LSPDFR, and the new backup.xml is fantastic, however with the new backup.xml allowing us to have backup units using literally any vehicle I find it annoying that we can't choose whatever police cruiser we want from the garage, and before people say; "Uh mia gawd jus span it in wif raghook or a trayner!" I hate having to remember what the codes are, like; hwaytrucknoosehelicoptercar69 might spawn nothing, or it might spawn a, a, a... Highway Patrol Flying Noose Truck? No, but in all seriousness, it really breaks immersion having to go into trainerV and every time I screw up typing something instinctively press back, which would exit it altogether, Okay, I am most certainly getting very off track, never mind, um, my suggestions are listed below:

  1. Allow us to make livery choices in the garage menu.
  2. Allow us to add new vehicles with different customization options in a separate INI or XML file similar with what you did with the amazing new backup customization.
  3. Allow us to chose whether to spawn said vehicle on the helipad, if available, or in the parking lot, as if we spawned a police maverick it should spawn on one of the station's helipads, not in the parking lot.

Any additional suggestions or criticism or hate or love or anything would be gratefully welcomed below.


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