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Siren Distance bug/problem And Random Audio Clicking

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Hi, I have a couple of problems and was wondering whether there's a fix or what to do about them.

Problem #1 - Distant siren bug

Firstly, whenever a non-player emergency service vehicle is using lights and sirens, for whatever reason (responding, backup etc.), when it is further away from the player (say, 25m +) the siren you can hear will always be the main LSPD police siren regardless of what vehicle it is (I'm sure you know R* added multiple sirens for different services). It is like this until the vehicle gets closer (less than 25 metres) and then the correct siren will be heard. I have tried to increase draw distance with no luck.

I'm not sure if this bug is just on my GTA V copy or whether it is on all copies, but I suspect the latter. I know it's not a huge problem, but it is quite irritating and I'm sure it would be better if fixed. So I was wondering if there was a fix or whether someone could report this to R* as a bug?

Problem #2 - Audio clicking

I can't really put it any simpler, whenever I'm driving, very occasionally I will hear a quiet but still fairly audible single click if you know what I mean. I'm not entirely sure, but it appears to occur when in police cars more, but I can't tell for sure. Whether this is a audio driver issue (which is very unlikely) or whether to do with the dispatch maybe or just an audio bug, I'm not sure. But again, I just wondered.


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