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More hiding spots map

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Hey all,

I am working on a map right now (can't get map editor to work with the unlock all objects mod but working on it) that will allow for more highway patrol RP.

Here in Florida, the troopers sit in little opening in the trees that sit low in the median between the N and S bound lanes of I-75/275.

It is so much fun to see them getting speeders on the highways, hiding, that I want to make that happen myself. Would this be useful for anyone else?

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I love siting like FHP do. I remember seeing a few FHP cars parked near the Mickey Mouse Pylon on the sides of I-4 when i go over every year. Sitting under the bridges and trees. We got caught out by a few camping between lanes last year in between the lanes of the NB/SB I-75 towards Bonita Springs.

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