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Ragepluginhook doesn't run

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Good evening, I have a big big problems with RagePluginHook. I LCPDFR install and when I click the .exe ragepluginhook, it does not start. I received GTA 5 Monday, and I installed the same day, and I do the updates that the game told me to do. I really want to play a LCPDFR please help me. I even tried to start it in administrator mode but also to ragepluginhook a day, but nothing doing. Even after clicking the .exe that it n not start. I load the arrow icon has then nothing. No window that opens or otherwise. I am looking for a solution for three days but I can not find.
I can not find the ragepluginhook.log and my system is:
intelcore i5 8gb of ram hard drive 1,5TB
nvidia geforce gt 440 a
I have no mods in my game, and I do not know what's the game directory.
I do not know nn more open game console by pressing F4, because when I do nothing happens. Please help me. I beg you I really want to play a lcpdfr. thank you beforehand

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