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Anyone else seeing this behaviour?

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Look at this video (time should automatically set but if not go to like 9:12 ):


He is responding to a car spawned by a callout. I have seen this behavior occasionally when using the VehicleDriving flags (or whatever they were renamed to for the third time - can't remember off the top of my head), the specific one is probably FollowTraffic. Does anyone know if this is a bug with the flags or intended functionality? I would assume the default game function would not consider parked cars part of traffic.

Maybe there is another VehicleDrivingFlag that needs to be utilized as well that I have not paid attention to ?



I just realized the stopped vehicle is not the one that was spawned by the callout :^)

Leaving this thread up anyway because it sort of shows what I mean (in this case traffic should have stopped)

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