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Installed Car Mods Not Showing Up

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I'm at a loss to figure this out and I hope someone can help. 

I'm trying to install 2 police car mods:

2012 LAPD Ford Taurus Arjent 1.0

2011 Ford Crown Victoria - LAPD 2.2.3

Though I've installed car mods in GTAIV before, these were my first two for GTAV so I was careful to read all instructions etc.  I downloaded OpenIV and ensured the files covered by the ASI Manager were installed/updated.  I wen into options and turned on edit mode as the default setting for start-up.

I used OpenIV to create copies of the appropriate folders/files into the mods folder (patchday4ng folder for the Taurus and x63e.rpf for the Crown Vic).  I then used the add new file button in openiv to add the files included in each download into their respective locations in the vehicles.rpf.

In both cases, if I open one of the .yft files (police3.yft or police.yft) in openiv I see the car I'm trying to install.

However, once I close openiv, load up GTA5 and choose a police car at the station, neither of these vehicles is available, it's the default vehicle in both cases.  I also tried spawning the police3 vehicle and it was the default vehicle.

I must be missing something silly, but it seems as if no modded vehicles I'm installing are being picked up by the game, I'm at a loss as to why and hope someone can point me in the right direction!


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