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Installing new callouts

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Hi all,

I just update to LSPDFR 0.3, and I have to say that this new version is just the better u've tried.

But I now want to install some new callouts but I can't find where to put files.

Did I have to create a Plugins/LSPDFR directory or did I have to put callouts files in plugins directory ?

Can someone help me with this please ?


Thanks for your help,


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you put the callout scripts in plugins/lspdfr and the callout audio in lspdfr/police scanner. When you installed lspdfr it should have already created this but if not make one yourself. Also when downloading callouts make sure they have the 0.3 with a tick in there title as any callouts made for older lspfr versions will not work and either youre game to crash or lspdfr itself

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