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Need help modding "relationship group" settings

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Hi all,

In GTA IV, through the use of the simple trainer, i could change my relationship group to COP [see attached image], get a wanted level, and police would drive to my location as usual, get out, but they would completely ignore me. Instead, they would run around me as i was effectively "on their team." I could shoot them, or shoot in the air, my wanted level would go up, but they would still consider me their ally. 

Now, I am wondering if I can do this in GTA V. The gta v simple trainer does not have the "relationship group" option, so is there a way i can tinker with files using open IV to add myself to relationship group COP? Or can I write a script? I've never scripted anything for any gta game in my life but i am a comp sci major so i don't see learning how to as a problem.



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