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Installing Police Cars - Help Needed

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I was wondering if someone could help me with installing police cars into GTA 5.

I have recently tried to install a crown Victoria after following the installation directions to vehicle.rpf file in OpenIv.

However it doesn't say what to do with the files after that. The files in the install are police.ytd police.ytf and policehi.ytd

This is the second download I've seen with these files and I don't know where to put them.

I tried replacing the police.ytd and police.ytf files in the stainer position but it didn't work. I don't get the car and the stainer is all messed up.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

I tried installing this LSPD Crown Victoria:

[EVL] 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor - Los Santos Emergency Services Pack 1.0

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This mod replace the Police(1) model, you set edit mode, drag&drop the files in the vehicle.rpf. You can check if that worked or not by opening the  police_(+)hi.ytd with OpenIV and checking if the model is the one you want.

When the game start be sure it's not re-downloading files otherwise it means it erased them. You can avoid it by right clicking vehicle.rpf and "copy to mods folder". Then you edit the files in mods folder.

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Thank you I will give that go. So to confirm is police slot 1 the stainer??

ive tried that spot and it didn't work. The spots I have is police, police 2, police 3 and police 4.

Also do I have to install the policehi file too?


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