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The problem with Traffic Policer of Albo1125

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Hello. I have a problem with the modem specified in the description. My point here about TrafficStopFollowMeKey and TrafficStopMimickKey . Well, when it comes to the first , is when you stop the car , pulls up in front of him , I click T and nothing happens , and this car should probably go for me, where I would have wanted to carry out control , it is the same with the second , I click the Q , to stop change berth , and more specifically moved forward and too nothing happens :( Please help !

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Because by default in your Traffic Policer.ini it says this

//Default: TrafficStopFollowModifierKey=LControlKey
//Do NOT set this to shift, else you will cancel the traffic stop. I recommend having a modifier key to prevent police computer issues.

//Default: TrafficStopFollowKey=T

//Default: TrafficStopMimickModifierKey=LControlKey

//Default: TrafficStopMimickKey=Q

So there is a modifier key (LControlKey) "Left Control Key" that you must press with T and with Q   to make them work unless you remove the modifier keys

//To disable the modifier key: ModifierKey=None

Examples for the above by default to make them work:

TrafficStopFollow would be LControlKey + T

TrafficStopMimick would be LControlKey + Q

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14 minutes ago, Kal74 said:

Ponieważ domyślnie w swoim ruchu Policer.ini mówi to

// Domyślnie: TrafficStopFollowModifierKey = LControlKey
// NIE ustawić to do zmiany, inny będzie anulować blokadę ruchu. Polecam o klawisz modyfikujący, aby uniknąć problemów z komputerem policji.
TrafficStopFollowModifierKey = LControlKey

// Domyślnie: TrafficStopFollowKey = T
TrafficStopFollowKey = T

// Domyślnie: TrafficStopMimickModifierKey = LControlKey
TrafficStopMimickModifierKey = LControlKey

// Domyślnie: TrafficStopMimickKey = Q
TrafficStopMimickKey = P

Więc nie jest to klawisz modyfikujący (LControlKey) "Lewy Kontrola Klucz", który trzeba nacisnąć z T i Q do ich pracy, chyba że usunięcie klawiszy modyfikujących

// Aby wyłączyć klawisz modyfikujący: ModifierKey = None

Przykłady powyższe domyślnie do ich pracy:

TrafficStopFollow byłoby LControlKey + T

TrafficStopMimick byłoby LControlKey + Q


YES ! Many thanks for your help (again) , but I am limitless : D

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