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Now that we have the ability to choose exactly what vehicles spawn for each jurisdiction, what vehicles/texture style will you be using?

Well for me i am using the federal signal valor lightbar on all my LSPD vehicles (LAPD style textures). Arjents for all my LSSD vehicles (LASD style textures). I'm torn for blaine county, debating between the Whelen Justice lightbar or the Code 3 Defender lightbar, (i know that not many vehicles have these at the moment) and for the textures. I'm waiting on Carperino to release his textures, since i like his designs.


so lets hear it, what do you guys have planned?

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For Los Santos right now I'm using 3 LAPD vehicles, with LSPD liveries to make a little more sense. (I want to use real cars, but it would be difficult to switch everything from "Los Santos" to "Los Angeles," such as the Vinewood sign)

In Los Santos county, I have Bxbugs' LASD (LSSD) Crown Vic, and would also use a Tahoe but there are no good ones out yet.

For now, Blaine County uses the same vehicles, although I might duplicate the sheriff cars I have right now into new slots and put the San Bernadino County style Blaine County skins on them.

At some point I also want to add a couple CHP (SAHP) vehicles to replace the bikes, depending on how many I can actually get.

I'm not sure what I want to do with the local SWAT and NOOSE backup vehicles at the moment. When possible, I will definitely install two proper SWAT trucks for the LSPD and LSSD, and some undercover trucks for NOOSE.

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