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LSPDFR 0.3 problems with load Ragepluginhook

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Gor    1

last night i sow first time about this mod, then i downloaded  LSPDFR 0.3  and copy all files in the game folder then i downloaded Rage plugin hook 0.34 also copy all in the game folder then load RagepluginHook like admin and nothing it dosnt load the game , also i tryed the way to start game and when i was in switch mode room (online or single story) i ve tryed to load RagepluginHook and it dosnt work.

I click the button to show license and it never pops up, but the green check mark appears for the step.  Then with the settings stage if I click on show settings, it shows me nothing and just gives a green check mark

any advice how to load this mod?

i have official GTA V steam game

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