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**Pack or single vehicle request.

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Dear Prospective Modder/Reader,

It is not often that I find myself drooling over nostalgia, but with a lack of state police vehicles besides the whole pack of them  I think that the time has come to request this, or something similar with the same textures, It doesn't matter, I just want to see see this in V. It's a whole pack based around san andreas, I'm pretty sure there was a clan, long now dead however. but here ya go,  I can't find any pictures, But there are videos. and this pack for gta sa...










Again there ya go. If you can make any of this alive again, I'll owe you a big favor, I'm limited, but something will be done. Extra points for the avalanche.


*** What I'm asking for, is either the textures formatted to V cars, or some cars to be made similar to the ones in the video.


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