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Need help with running LSPDFR

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I installed GTA V (7 disc retail version) and it works fine.  I downloaded LSPDFR, Ragepluginhook and the Scripthooks.  I attempted to load the game by selecting Ragehook and I ran it as the administrator.  It opens up the GTA V in normal story mode where I have to follow Lamar in the car.  It didn't load the police mod.  It seems like Ragepluginhook isn't communicating with LSPDFR.

Not sure if it matters but the rangepluginhook isn't an .exe and in the LSPDFR file it loaded startup in notepad not startup.rphs... if it matters.


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You have to launch the game through RagePluginHook.exe, if that file doesn't exist, reinstall Ragehook from ragepluginhook.net. startup.rphs should open in notepad by default, this is correct.

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