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Ragehook says it's working but LSPDFR isn't

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Ragehook launches and says LSPDFR is set to load up. When I get in game though I can see the police station icons but there is no blue circle or anything to get in them. I've tried to press e all over the police station icon but it won't let me. This is happening to all of the police stations and not just one. Ragehook says it's updated and all of the normal Ragehook things pop up but I can't go on duty.





This is my directory, sorry it took so many screenshots, I'm kind of new to this stuff.




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12 hours ago, OfficerSquare said:

Try this:

Force duty by running, jumping, and pressing F9 in mid-air. You should spawn as a police officer with the default loadout.

Yeah, I used to have this issue earlier. What's causing it is the way LSPDFR loads up from the plugins folder, there is some flaw in it that causes this for different people. It's a 4/5 chance for it to do this, I believe.

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