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Have Chevy Caprice just needs conversion to gta 5 for cop car

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Any cop car modelers want to convert a chevy caprice that is in GTA 4 format. I need someone that can do a great job, to convert it to gta5.


I had someone doing this, but I cannot get in contact with him, so whoever wants to help make the first make chevy Caprice cop car, please let me know so we can gett this under way. Been waiting for a couple months since I bought this model, so I am looking for a quick return.


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Hey Markadaliah,

there is one model of this vehicle available currently. Just it does not  look all that good.kinda low quality. Unfortunately, it's all we got for now. Hope that will do. Just go to the vehicle's mods section and look. I believe its the 2nd or 3rd page in. Not sure tho. 

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