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Can someone convert a IV car to V for me please?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could convert a car from IV to V? I'm not lazy, its just that I don't have GTA IV installed on my computer and I'm not going to even attempt to download it with Australian Internet. I download at 200 kb/s.. 

So yeah, please please please can someone convert a car for me from IV to V? Its this one below


http://www. .com/gta-4/cars/40324-toyota-hilux-police-western-australia.html Alternatively - I've attached the .wft and .wtd files in this thread for convenience.

If someone does this for me, I'd be so damn grateful. Its my favourite police car in the whole world. I live in WA, I aspire to be a WA police officer and this police car is my alltime favourite. It'd be amazing being able to use it in GTA V with the LSPDFR mod.





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