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Using a car in a slot it wasn't meant for

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Ok so here it goes.


I downloaded a vehicle that came titles police3.yft/police3.ytd but I wanted to use it in the sheriff2 slot. So using my GTA IV modding experience (I'm new to GTA V and modding it) I just renamed the files and loaded them in via OpenIV in what I assume was the correct location. 


Here comes my problem though. It spawns just fine and looks great. I can get in it just fine. But when I drive it, that's where I start to wonder what happened. It accelerates and when I go to make a turn, if its too sharp the darn thing topples over and I have to flip it back on its wheels. Whats causing this? I went to the handling and gave it the same handling that police3 has, but I still cant drive it worth a darn... Any suggestions/solutions?

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