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Hi there, i was wondering how do i add car models  but wait  i have previously done this in the past, but after not having access to GTA for awhile i have forgot but have an idea on what to do. Anyway, i launch open IV, select my gta windows, i have installed the asi etc. I then go to the directory that the readme file tells me to go to, and i do all of the instructions correctly and the files for the new car do replace the old car as the file becomes bigger. But when i launch GTA i have to do a 5gig download and then the game starts but the new car is not an option at the police station and when i spawn the car in, the old version of it is still there, when i disconnect from the internet and dont download the update the same thing still happens, i dont have the modded car. I have tried this with many cars and everything is upto date so what can i do?

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Use the "mods" folder technique. Make a new folder within the GTA V directory. Name the folder "mods" Do not put ANYTHING extra. Exactly "mods". No periods, quotation marks, or capitalization just this word:


Now, let's say the vehicle you're downloading is in x64e.rpf. Copy x64e.rpf and paste it into the "mods" folder. If it's in the "mods" folder, OpenIV will tell the game to use the file that is in the "mods" folder rather than what is in the directory. This also stops the "5gig download" you have to do every time you install a vehicle mod.

Hope this helps!

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