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Computer technical issue

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Hello all! I'm relatively new to lspdfr and modding all together but i wanted to see if i could get some help on why I have used up a lot of my hard drive space. 

Back story: I got lspdfr to work after a while and slowly started modding the game. I started with vehicles first then call outs you know simple things. Since i was new to modding, i took my time on things like reading the readme a bunch of times and watching videos so i know im doing it correctly and playing the game right after to test if that one mod worked etc.. after feeling kinda comfortable with the basics i decided to add 3 or 4 mods at one time, I think it was police radio, led corona lighting or something like that, unmarked cvpi package, and high priority call outs. I tested the game and lsdpfr crashed every time when the game screen loaded. not knowing which one caused it i had no choice but to uninstall the game since i personally didn't back up the game. I deleted the game and reinstalled it from steam and reinstalled lspdfr but i somehow did not put everything from the lspdfr folder into the game directory folder so it didn't work. uninstalled and tried it again but this time it was telling me that the game needs more disk space. I was completely shocked that i ran outta space when i just bought my computer like last month and had already run out of space. The only programs i had on my computer was office 365 and league of legends, steam & gta of course but that was it... on a brand new computer. So i uninstalled everything in my computer, office 365, league, my downloads, etc.. and yet this did not make a huge difference. 

Are there any solutions to my computer issues. I haven't got a clue on how my memory got half way full. I manage to install and play the game twice but no luck. Any help would be appreciated. if you need more info plz let me know.

this could be completely irreverent info but i wanna provide as much info as possible.. really trying to play this game again. 
Here are my computer specs
intel Core i7-6700 Processor 3.4GHz
Microsoft Windows 10 Home
1TB 7,200RPM Hard Drive
128GB Solid State Drive
Ultra Slim Tray SuperMulti DVD Burner
7-in-1 Media Card Reader
10/100 Network
802.11ac Wireless
Bluetooth 4.0

steam request.png


this pc.png

windows c.png

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Gta 5 on its own takes up almost a tb of space,at least mine does and I have every single mod on the planet,lspdfr just adds ontop.Try copying your steam folder over to your data drive that will be probably work.Thats what I had to do,but I'm sure people who know gta5's code inside and out can give a better solution.

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